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Mission & Vision


The Bhakti Cambodia website serves at the official mouth-piece for GLOVESCO – CAMBODIA, a local NGO aimed at preserving the bhakti element within the Khmer culture through practical training and education. Bhakti Cambodia will provide useful information to its readers concerning the development of its various projects and activities in the Kingdom of Cambodia. At present these activities include:(1) the Yashodapur Ashram eco-village project and (2) the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (see Projects for more details).


The Kingdom of Cambodia is home to the largest Vishnu temple in the world, Angkor Wat, as well as hundred of temples and shrines dedicated to both Hinduism and Buddhism. For centuries, the Khmer people have fostered deep rooted religious sentiments and have passed their lives following the simple traditional agrarian life-style based on cultivation of land and protection of their cows and bulls.

Although having undergone numerous disturbances due to internal and external political strife over many centuries, and even more so due to the unprecedented years of severe brutality and social injustice during the years of civil war and its aftermath, the Khmer people, by and large, have remained simple and devout. With the advent of globalization, modernization and industrialization, major changes are taking place in the lives of the Khmer people which put into question and into peril many of their traditional values and customs. Bhakti Cambodia intends to monitor these changes and help sensitize readers to the issues at hand.