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By: HG Gunaavatar Das

Arrival of two mother cows

By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and support of devotees, we have purchased two cows. The cows arrived safely at Yasodapura Eco Village, and now are being taking care by our devotees and local families at the main land. Earlier the planning was to keep these cows in the village base, but later because of some considerations related to the grazing area and relative requirement of man power to look after the cows, we decided to keep the goshala in the main land, and built a fence around it.  These cows are from another district; they are white in color, tall, and also both of them are pregnant.

Building Cottages for the Families

We constructed a small house for the new families near the rice field area. House is made from wood material, which could probably stay for  5-10 years.  Our next planning is to dig a well and start a vegetable garden on this spot.  The other family already has one small cottage. This cottage is very much simpler and all the material is from our land.

Planting 100 Jack Fruits and harvesting corns

This month we planted about 100 jack fruit trees, all taken from our nursery. And we still have so many which are yet to be planted. We use cow dung compost and green leafs as manure. Since this is rainy season we need not water the plants. In the dry season we may need some water system to save these jack fruits from the heat. So we plan to install a solar panel for the pump water, and to make small roof on every tree to protect it from the sun.

Corn has grown very nicely in Yasodapura Eco Village. It is purely organic and naturally grown without using even compost. The farmers just grew naturally. Now, after several months they got harvested now. The harvesting is still in progress. As usual, a portion  of this corn harvest was set aside for the ashram.

First Program at our Village Base

The first program in our village base was attended by about 40 people. Here our houses are simple and small, but because of the chanting of the Holy Name and maha mantra together with devotees from Siem Reap, all of us felt very glad and happy. Right from morning, the children were very enthusiastically helping us cut the vegetables for the preparations. We cooked rice, curry, and pakora. We had also brought some cakes from Siem Reap. Program was of about one hour kirtan, followed by prasadam.

Our next planis to provide library for the children in this base. This will allow the children to spend time in reading the books, comprising picture books of Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha. And of course we need to improve our kitchen facility and bathroom. Last week we dug a well. At about 12 meter depth itself, we got good water, good enough for drinking directly.

Bhakta Chaya and Bhakta Khia enjoying the association of the village cows