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More than three years ago, I remember the day when I took initiation from my beloved spiritual master in Sri Ksetra Dham (Jaganataha Puri), that time I was his temporary personal servant, in this way I got a lot of chance to be closer with Him physically.

After the diksa ceremony was done in the morning in a Narasimha temple closed to Gundicha, we went back to our place, (that time we stayed in Gaudya Math Temple where Srila Bhakti Sidhanta Sarasvati Thakura was born), I and my beloved Guru Maharaj went straight to His room. After dropping everything in the right place, Maharaj asked me “So prabhu, what is your plan after India?” being so innocent, I spontaneously replied “Your plan is my plan, Maharaj” He smile and said “JUST AS THE COWS!” I couldn’t understand what he meant by JUST AS THE COWS, I thought “mmmmm Maharaj always talk about cows because he loves cows very much” I didn’t know that actually his words have a very profound meaning that my dull brain can never guess it. And then He continued by asking me “do you know how the cows?” out of my ignorance I just look at his lotus face which beautified by the sweetest smile ever the I saw and shoke my head indicating that I don’t know. Out of His compassion He revealed to me the meaning of his mysterious words.

“Just as the cows, the cows in India eat grass. If we put those cows in Indonesia, they will eat grass also. And if we put them even in Cambodia, still they will eat the grass. So we are just like the cows, wherever Krishna puts the devotees, the devotees business is the same, to engage in devotional service” after saying this, with a wide smile He delivered a punch of love right in my shoulder.

Since that very moment all the dilemmas in my mind regarding where I have to be? What I am supposed to do? Etc., immediately clear up by the mercy of my beloved Guru Maharaj.

Since last four years I was helping the devotees in Cambodia in their preaching work on behalf of our founder Acharya, HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada. I spent 6 to 7 months every year in Cambodia since I was studying in Sri Mayapura Dham. Cambodia is quite challenging country to preach, because of the political situation and strict government, our preaching is still underground. Another challenge is that we are lacking of men power and fund. (Just I’m wondering why not many devotees want to come and preach in this country)

Presently I am in Cambodia, my wife and I came here 5 months ago from Mayapur, India, two weeks after our wedding ceremony. We feel so lucky that we got a simple room to live, next to our preaching center. Our friends used to ask “where you guys gonna have honeymoon?” and the only answer that we gave was “whrerever, Harinam-Sankirtan is our honeymoon”. So since the next day we arrived here, we and the other devotees started to go out regularly for Harinam and distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books around the town. Once a week we have Food For Life program in different places, sometimes we go for a house program around Siem Reap.

To be honest, before coming to Cambodia I thought “ooouugghhh Cambodia again, such a dry land, will my wife like to stay there? How I am gonna maintain? It must be difficult”. As the day passes with varieties of service, now we already here for 5 months, we felt like we just came here a month ago, and the most amazing thing is that EVERYTHING IS OK. I don’t know how is that I am still surviving till now. Just I have faith to the words of my Guru Maharaj to be always engaged in the Lord’s service. I do my job, and Krishna will arrange everything. It is not that I do something for Krishna and expecting to get something from Him. No!, just it is Lord Krishna’s qualities that he never wanted to be indebted. Of course in order to maintain this body, we have to work. But I prefer to work for the richest personality in this world, Sri Krishna. He doesn’t give me a lot of money for my work, but indeed He reciprocates by giving so much bliss as I am trying to please Him.

As a result of our regular harinam, one young university student used to come to our center, joining our harinam, sometimes he joins also our FFL program. Now he starts practicing chanting the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra on beads. His name is “Chaiya”. We hope that in the future there are many Cambodians will be practicing devotional service as we continue our Sankirtan movement.

Some videos of our preaching activities are posted on YouTube, if you wish to see, just go to the links bellows:

I am very grateful to my Guru Maharaj for such a wonderful opportunity to engage me in this Land of Angkor. My wife and I will be leaving for Indonesia in less then two months, I am praying that there will be some special souls that kicked by Lord Chaitanya to this country to continue His mission of spreading Krishna consciousness in every town and village.

My realization is that as my Guru Maharaj said “Just as the cows”, being parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord, we are His eternal servant. Jévera ‘svarüpa’ haya—kåñëera ‘nitya-däsa’ [Cc. Madhya 20.108]. Just as the cows who eat only grass, so our only business is to perform devotional service to the Lord. When the cows nourished by nice fresh green grash, they will naturally give more milk, similarly when we really perform our sadhanana intensely and nicely, the natural feeling of being compassion to other living entities is automatically manifest, then in such a state we can conquer the heart of the people and give them the milk of Love of God.

May this insignificant writing can inspire you to be Lord Krishna’s cow, come to Cambodia to eat the green grass and give your Krishna consciousness milk to the Cambodians. Thank you very much.

Hare Krishna!

Written by: Vishnurata Das

( Cambodia, 05-07-2017)