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July 18th, 2017. HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami Maharaja arrived in Siem Reap International Airport  at 2.30 pm, Maharaj came along with four other devotees from Sri Mayapura Dham. The next day Maharaj and all the other devotees went to visit the largest Vishnu temple in the world, Angkor Wat. Guided by Bhakta Khear, they also saw the other ancient temples around the Angkor area such as Bayond (the four headed Brahma temple), Ta Prom temple, Preah Khan, and other temples. Maharaj likes very much his visit to all these temples, indeed Maharaj said “We had very nice dharsan of Angkor Wat, but only once in a life time! (lough…,)” Maharaj said so because the foreigners have to buy the tickets to enter the temples, and the price is quite expensive.

The next day, 20th of July (it was Ekadashi), Gunaavatara Prabhu and myself arranged a Food For Life program in a private school situated in the countryside of Siem Reap. Before distributing the sweet Prasadam preparation, we had a very ecstatic Kirtan with all the children, the Kirtan was led by HG Sri Hari Prabhu (one of Maharaja’s companions), in the midst of the Kirtan, Maharaj started to induce everybody to dance, jump and chanting the Holy Name. Maharaj’s spiritual power made everybody drowned in the Kirtan.

All the kids like the Prasadam, Maharaj himself personally served and distributed the Prasadam to the kids in that school, not only that, Maharaj also blessed everybody with the mystical Lord Narasimhadev oil. The story was not end there, but after distributing the Prasadam in that school, we went to another small village to distribute the extra sweet Prasadam that we had. (Out of ecstasy, Gunaavatara Prabhu and myself cooked too much, despite of such a very tasty sweet, the kids couldn’t finish them).

Once we arrived in that village, without informing the villagers about what we will do in their small village, Maharaj immediately told us “Start Harinam, Start Harinam…!! We go around this village with Harinam, then we distribute the Prasadam”, I was little bit reluctant to have walking Harinam because we never done this before, whenever we come to this village, we just have sitting Harinam next to the spot where we distribute the Prasadam. But because of Maharaj’s order I thought “Ok, let’s Rock this small village with the Holy Name”, (and at the same time praying so that nobody will complain). Maharaj walked in the front like a Lion leads a group of lion, with a pair of Kartala (cymbals) in His hands, everybody started to come out from their simple houses to see what’s happening. Maharaj started to jump up and down, inducing the villagers to dance, meanwhile Gunaavatara Prabhu informing to everybody that we have brought some free sweet preparation for them. Within a short time the full big pot became empty, all the Prasadam were successfully distributed. I said to myself “Yes!! Now they bite the bait”. The videos of this program can be seen on this Link: https://youtu.be/i6r-biK1jAs

On the 21st, a program already awaiting for Maharaj. The program was pretty simple. Kirtan, lecture by HH and Prasadam at the end. The program was started at 6.30 pm. There were around 30 guests came for the program, and mostly attended by Cambodian including six Monks. Maharaj’s lecture was very simple but attractive, everybody listening to the lecture which was translated by one of our closed friend, Mr. Sophat Keo. One of the Buddhist Monks approached Maharaj and saluted Him by saying “Thank You very much for teaching us the meaning of life” and Maharaj gave a book to that lucky soul.

On the 22nd, Maharaj went to see the cultural village in Siem Reap, to study more about the culture in Cambodia, because Maharaj wants to come again next time with some Brahmacaries for one week to give his valuable association and help our preaching work in Cambodia.

The next day morning, 23rd of July was Maharaj’s flight back to India. We have nothing to give to Maharaj except the word “Thank You very much” and some small pack of Prasadam for His journey that I cooked during the mangala arati time. In reverse, Maharaj donated some Lakshmi for the temple and to conduct next Food For Life program. Before leaving us, Maharaj said “Next time I will come again with another two Brahmacaries, we will go from village to village to perform Nagar-Sankirtan, HH Bhakti Raghava Maharaj did the same in the early days, He went from one village to another village to perform Nama Sankirtan and made thousands of Namahatta, we will do the same preaching style here in Cambodia”.

Thank You very much Maharaj and all other four devotees from Mayapur for such a nice association. We are hoping to get such an opportunity to serve You again in the future.

Siem Reap – Cambodia, July 24th, 2017.

Written by: Vishnurata Das.