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Hare Krishna
One’s natural tendency is to serve because a living entity is an eternal servant of God. This tendency will manifest into action. And if these action is aimed at the satisfaction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, then these action has no effect. It is called yajna. Yajna-vai vishnuḥ. In different culture and civilization there must be different kind of worship. And among them, worship of Lord Sri Vishnu is the supreme.
Ārādhanānāṁ sarveṣāṁ viṣṇor ārādhanaṁ param.

On 9.30 am 9th December 2016 we departed from Siem Reap by bus toward Phnom Penh.  At about the dusk we arrived in the bus station, after sometime somebody named Rattana picked us up from the station and drive us to one pagoda named Wat Preah Theat where local ceremony will be performed on the next day. The organizer is one Bong Karaney by name who just know us recently.   Last time he came to our center in Siem Reap to invite us for the program.

The program conducted on 10th December 2016 which is also auspicious day of Moksada Ekadashi and Gītā Jayanti, the day when Bhagavad- Gītā spoken by Lord Krishna to His devotee and friend Arjuna in the Battlefield Kurukshetra.  according to our Vaishnava Calendar for Cambodia area. The program started in the morning with Buddhist ceremony i.e. some Pali chanting and giving alms to Buddhist monks.
Some guests are village resident nearby. It continue till noon.

Then the ceremony followed wit h the offering to Lord Vishnu and demigods.  The ceremony is lead by one achar with chanting and prayer to different demigods. Then continued by offering food to demigods. The way they prepare is like treating a person. They understand that the demigod is personalities. They prepared dining table with decoration equipped with elaborate paraphernalia. Personalism is actually there in their understanding and practice. The only thing is that they don’t really putting each personality in its real position ,in the sense of consider them as having same level. Anyway the tendency to worship is still a good symptom of civilized people.  Then after offering food to different demigods, they gave us chance to perform hare krishna mahamantra kirtan about 20 minutes.

Jagadishananda prabhu lead the kirtan accompanied by mridanga and karatal. On this occassion, some of our new contact voluntarily help us on distributing cookies prasadam, mahamantra leaflet, and ‘Urgent Need of Krishna Consciousness’ booklet’in Khmer,along with small printed pictures of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu.

The ceremony continued till about 13.00. Then about two hours break. Then continued by the offering to the ancient king Jayavarman VII and the general troop commander of that time. On this session, they have prayer they have food offering to those personalities by presenting it in the dining table, then the offering of Khmer traditional martial art, Bokator. Then at the nearly end of the session at dusk time, some people seems like in trance. They dance like a warrior on war, accompanied by khmer traditional musical instrument known as  pin peat. It takes places for sometimes till about 6 pm. The program continued by worship to Preah Vesavan with prayer, food offering,m dance performance etc. The session continued for sometime.
In between, we talked to some people practicing brahmanism.

We discussed about our practice of Krishna consciousness and things related. We also record their contact number so we camn communicate if any other program like this. This session concluded by offering candle in the pond, bendaet pradheep.
Then the organizer let us perform Go-puja with Surabhi Mantra. Guna Avatara Prabhu performed the puja to Mother Surabhi picture and two devotees performing kirtan. At the end of the session continued by Narasimha Prayer.

The last session is nearly at midnight where different prayers and worship being performed. On that night we stay overnight in one monk room in pagoda arranged by the organizer. On the next day devotees asking permission to depart to Siem Reap.