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Projects & Activities


We presently have three main projects: (1) Yaśodapura Aśrama,  (2)Yaśodapura Eco Village, and (3)Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

(1) Yashodapur Ashram

Yashodapur Ashram will develop as a self-sufficient educational community where cultivation of land and protection of cows will be given top priority. Both foreign and local students will get an opportunity to serve and simultaneously receive training and education in various arts, skills and sciences as they relate to natural organic farming and the traditional Vedic life-style. Our trained educators will teach the principles of self-sufficiency and sustainability, centered on individual and social spiritual emancipation and well-being.

(3) Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) aims at translating and publishing its books in the Khmer language. In addition to printing the regular books of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, we plan to introduce various non-BBT books which will center mainly on varnasrama based topics (please see section entitled “Publications”).