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Just before performing bhajan. PhotoCredit : Meta Sokda

On 10th December 2017, we was invited by one of our contact from Phnom Penh, Mr.Karaney, to perform yajna as one of the sequence of ceremony he had. The place is Preah Theat, about 12 kilometres southward of Phnom Penh. Karaney helds this kind of program annually, usually on December. He has many kind of ceremony. In the morning they start with chanting by Buddhist monks continued by giving them food alms, we called in Khmer as roap-bat. After that they make offering to demigods and different personalities. They prepare food and water in a very nice decorated tables completed with all paraphernalia. They light the candles and ​incense accompanied by Khmer traditional musical instrument.

Devotee prepared the kunda in the morning, and our turn to perform yajna was about 9 pm.

We invite participant to also offer grain to the sacrificial fire. It include Purusa Sukta Homa, Sri Sukta, and Vaishnava Homa. At the last we ask them to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra. It was about one hour long program. Everybody look enthusiastic most probably they never join homa.  Along with this yajna ceremony, we ask them to chant mahamantra
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण  कृष्ण  कृष्ण  हरे हर
हरे राम हरे राम  राम राम हरे  हरे
The last part of ceremony we sing Narasimha prayer for protection.             We hope in the future will be able to perform such ceremony again to introduce people about our practice of chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra to common people.