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On 29th November 2017, Gunaavatara Prabhu arrange program to distribute prasadam in one primary school in Khting Village, Angkor Thom District. It is located about 40 kilometres north east of Siem Reap .We distributed mung beann sweet prasadam  to about 100 hundreds students. Before that, Gunaavatara prabhu brought cooking paraphernalia from our base in Chub Village, located about 10 kilometres away, and then prepared prasadam in one house near the school. This make more connection to the villagers. It is the first time prasadam distribution in this school. There was also one volunteer from Portugal, Claudia G. by name, who also helped us in this program.  Children were very happy because just after the end of the school they get something to eat together in the classroom. Teachers also were very happy and there are possibilities to have another program in this school to give them mercy of this Lord Krishna prasadam. The following are some photos of the program. Thank to Claudia G. for providing them for this news.


HG Gunaavatara prabhu and Bhakta Khat Khear distribute mung bean sweet prasadam

The last sweets

The preparation

Student honoring prasadam in the classroom

Maha prasadam ki jaya

honoring prasadam silently

Student stand in line to receive prasadam

Teachers also helping

Ms Claudia G. handed prasadam to stuidents

The following also short video about the program

Hare krishna